Taking a bite out of the Belgian food industry

Become a food operator in Belgium

Around 3,094 food companies provide 68,400 direct jobs in Flanders, making for a whopping 82% of the Belgian food industry’s overall turnover to be generated in the region of Flanders. Fancy life as an operator in the food industry in Belgium? Enjoy a taste of the sweet life with Link2Europe as a partner.

Attention to detail and an insightful mind, that makes a good CNC turner

To celebrate 15 years of mixing and matching foreign talent to Belgian companies and SME’s, we’re listing the top 15 most requested profiles. We’ve talked about order pickers, maintenance technicians, truck drivers and seamstresses but today we’re shining a light on the profile of a CNC turner. Find out what this job has to offer.

Belgium needs extra car mechanics to keep things rolling smoothly

Want to make a living in Belgium? Then Link2Europe is the right partner for you! For the last 15 years, Link2Europe has recruited foreign talent for Belgian companies. To celebrate 15 years of finding a match, we’re listing the top 15 most requested profiles. Get ready to learn all about the profile of a car mechanic and what Belgium has to offer.

The order picker is a very sought-after job in Belgium 

Seasons come and go and so does the extra work related to those seasons. With summertime over and one eye on the end-of-year holidays, the logistic and e-commerce sector is really picking up the pace and soon they will be looking for enthusiastic colleagues who want to work and live in Belgium. That is why the order picker is one of our highest requested profiles over the year.

Discover the best tips for Belgian leisure activities

Belgium is a great country to work and play in. The mandated minimum number of paid holidays
gives you ample time to go out and see the sights. One of the biggest leisure activities in Belgium is
going out for a drink or to a restaurant. Having a cold one with friends and family is always a good
idea. Especially in a country like Belgium, that’s known for its beers.

The building blocks of the Belgian economy

This year, Link2Europe celebrates its 15th anniversary of linking foreign talent to Belgian companies, and to add to the excitement, we are taking a look at the most requested profiles we’ve been recruiting throughout these years.

Belgium is limping behind in the European battle for talent

The world is big, and, thanks to technology, it is truly without borders today, which means that companies are no longer just looking for new talent locally. Even in Europe, globalisation has switched back into 6th gear after the Corona break. But Belgium is starting to lag behind more and more in the battle for international talent

15 Years of Link2Europe: the people behind the scenes

Link2Europe is not the success of one person or one team. Many people and many stakeholders have
had an influence on this, or have been part of the success that we know today. I’d like to pay tribute
to a few people in particular, and to thank them for the past 15 years.