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Important questions and answers
Regarding living & working in Belgium


You can contact us by phone or visit us at our offices in Bornem.

We are open
Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 12:30 / 13:00 – 17:00

Phone number: +32 3 740 76 76


You are welcome to visit us! Just give us a call to make an appointment before you drop by during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Work Related

All current job offers are available on this website. In order to participate in the recruitment process, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on Job offers;
  2. Select  offers suitable for you;
  3. You’ll find an application form underneath each job offer. Fill out the form, attach your CV and any other relative documents, e.g., work permits, certificates, or references (if available).

In order to submit your application to a client partner, it is recommended that you submit a CV English.

*You can also send your CV by clicking on the Apply button on the given job portal or visit our office.

We hope to find you in our database and contact you soon!

All candidate applications are registered in one database. Each of our recruiters analyses the professional experience of the candidate included in the resumé. Over the telephone we will present you all our offers that match your experience. Therefore, there is no need to apply for each of the offers separately. However, remember to fill in your contact details in the registration form. This will allow us to contact you and present the most suitable job offers.

We analyse the applications submitted and then we contact selected candidates who meet the criteria specified in the offer. Depending on the type of work and in order to take the process further, we arrange a telephone or Skype call with the candidate or an appointment at our office. During the call or meeting, we discuss the given job offer in detail. We also analyse the candidate’s career history, acquired skills, knowledge of foreign languages and determine our mutual expectations. Our recruiters are ready to answer your questions and any doubts you may have. In a simple and transparent way, they guide you through the recruitment process so that you can sign the contract quickly and start working in Belgium.

Even if you don’t see any offer suitable for you, you can still send us your resumé. We’ll keep it and when a job offer that matches your qualifications comes up we’ll get in touch with you, if you gave us permission to contact you regarding future recruitment prospects. To apply, please use the application button in the top right corner on the homepage.

The statutory working week is 38 hours (in some companies 39/40 hours). Overtime is possible and we always inform you about it.

After the interview your resumé is presented to the employer. In the end, they decide whether to hire you. We do our best to inform you about the final decision as soon as possible. Usually it takes a few days.

Most of our job offers are aimed at people who are able to communicate in at least one of four foreign languages: English, Dutch, French or German. However, even if you don’t speak any foreign language, you can still send us your CV and we’ll contact you when a job offer suitable for you appears.

If you don’t have a driver’s license or just cannot take your car to Belgium – don’t worry. We’ll do our best to place you in an apartment close to your work, so you can walk or bicycle (which we can also provide you) to work.

Usually we invite each employee to our office in Belgium on Monday mornings. A delicious breakfast awaits you. In case of difficulties with transport, we advise you on the best way to travel to Belgium. The first day is an organizational day under the guidance of our coordinators who take care of all the formalities on your behalf:

  1. We introduce you to the activity of Link2Europe
  2. We register you in Belgium as our employee: you receive a National Number
  3. We present you with the rules of the company in which you will be employed
  4. We provide you with a starter kit with all the documents to be signed: employment contract, health and safety rules, housing contract, accommodation conditions, etc.
  5. If you wish, we help you open a Belgian bank account (recommended)
  6. On the first day, you also receive the clothing and work boots required for your work
  7. We organize transport to your place of residence.
  8. We familiarize you with the management of the company in which you will work and provide information on safety in the workplace.


Your weekly payment will be transferred every Friday of the following week. If it doesn’t reach your bank account (which practically never happens), it could be because the bank is closed for a national holiday. Wait until Monday, and if the funds are still not on your account – call us.

Holiday pay is 15.38% of your gross income. It will be paid at the end of May or early June in the following year. If you’re no longer in Belgium when this bonus is paid, you’ll have to fill out an L76 form in order to receive the money in your foreign bank account. You can find this form in your starter folder which you receive from Link2Europe on your first day of work.

This is paid at the end of December or early January.

Meal vouchers (maaltijdcheques) are an additional benefit that you get depending on the company you work for. If your company offers them, the information below will be useful for you:

  • vouchers are exempt from any contributions related to social security or income tax
  • your salary will only be deducted by the personal contribution of each voucher; for example, for a €5 voucher, your personal contribution is €1.09; so the net value of the voucher is €3.91
  • you receive one voucher per day worked; after 3 weeks you will receive your card from us, with the equivalent amount of money related to your vouchers for your first weeks and we will top it up weekly
  • you can use this card to make purchases in supermarkets and restaurants.

Just ask us and we will take care of it!

After you receive tax form 281.10, you have to go to the Tax Office and show it. Depending on the amount you paid earlier, you will either receive a tax-back.

In Belgium, declarative taxes apply: when you complete the employment formalities, our Belgian consultant will advise you on the tax threshold most advantageous for you. The most important contributions that are deducted from your salary are social security contributions (RSZ 13.07% – a fixed rate for all employees) and an advance payment for income tax (variable amount, depending on many factors, but at least 11.11%). You can ask our recruiter for an approximate net hourly rate for work in a specific position.


Every worked month in Belgium entitles you to 1.66 days off, equivalent to 20 days off per year if you work fulltime. You can carry holidays forward into the following year. However, thanks to weekly contracts, you can always take a week of unpaid leave by suspending your contract for a week.

First you have to ask your supervisor. If he agrees, call us to let us know.

Your holiday pay is always paid into your account at the end of May/early June. You will not receive holiday pay earlier than this date. For instance, if you work from November onwards and you want to go on holiday in April the following year, even though part of your holiday money is owed to you, it will not be paid to you until the end of May or early June.

Costs of housing, transportation & health insurance

Our apartments are provided for several Link2Europe employees, which means that you may share a room with someone, and kitchen and bathroom are shared with other flat mates. If you want a private room all to yourself, you pay more.

  • Private room: € 149/week worked
  • Shared room: € 99/week worked

Link2Europe offers you different modes of transportation. Contact us for the price of your preferred vehicle.


bikeCity bike

electric stepElectric step

bike Electric bike


electric scooter Electric scooter



Health insurance: € 9,5/month (€ 114 per year)
Children and other dependents do not pay a contribution.


We do our best to provide accommodation as close to your work as possible. Our apartments are provided for several Link2Europe employees, which means that you may share a room with someone, and kitchen and bathroom are shared with other flat mates. Every apartment has its own regulations, which the residents need to respect.

All our apartments are fully equipped, you only need to bring your bed linen. If any equipment is missing, please send us an e-mail at Remember to take your documents and cash for your first week in Belgium.

Yes, every apartment has free Wi-Fi.

Sure! If you want to live with your friends or family, or you prefer to rent an apartment on your own – feel free! Just let us know your address, so we can send you your contracts and other documents.


If you don’t have a driver’s license or can’t bring your own car to Belgium, we can offer you a bike (as long as the distance between your work and residence doesn’t exceed 10 km) or a leased car. From our experience we know that having your own car is the most comfortable; moreover, the cost is partly refunded through the transportation refund, which is a weekly reimbursement of some of the travel costs (if the distance between the place where you live and the place where you work is more than 3 km).

Your travel arrangements to Belgium need to be organized by you and the costs are usually not refunded. However, for seasonal jobs or for jobs lasting several weeks, the reimbursement of transport costs to Belgium are determined individually with the candidate.


If you experience or witness a serious accident call 112.

If an illness is serious enough to prevent you from coming to work, first of all call your team leader and us to inform us that you’re not going to be at work and why (if you’ve been working for more than a month, you are entitled to a week’s paid sick leave as long as you show us a letter from a doctor registered in Belgium excusing you from work).

Yes. The doctor’s note is required to prove your illness. If you do not e-mail a copy to us within 48 hours of being absent from work due to illness you will probably not get paid.

Search for the nearest doctor online or ask your colleagues to recommend one.

Belgium has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. After your arrival, we will sign you up with a health-insurance company. You will be responsible for covering the costs of enrolling. This is approximately 90€ per annum. If you do not work for the whole year, you can apply for a reimbursement of some of the costs.

Mutualiteit is a Belgian health-insurance fund covering mandatory basic health insurance. Its annual contribution may vary depending on age; however, usually it’s around €90 per annum. Payment is usually due at the beginning of the year following the year that you have worked.

In case you are ill, it is important to immediately inform both the company you work for and Link2Europe. It is best to do this before the work shift starts. In case of an early shift, you can send an e-mail or phone the office from 08.30 onwards. You need to be examined by a doctor, who will also fill out and sign a medical leave form (ziekte-attest). You have 48 hours to send us a photocopy of this document at

You will receive two notes from the doctor:

  • one note is to justify your absence from work for the employer (we recommend you ask for two copies, one for the employer and one for L2E; otherwise, a copy is acceptable)
  • the second note is used to get a refund of your medical costs (you have to send it to the health insurance company and they will directly refund the costs to your bank account).

Yes, the Belgian social security system guarantees the possibility of applying for family benefits. One child entitles you to a to a monthly payment of €92.09; for two children, you receive €170.39; and for three or more children, you get €254.40.


We sign a contract with each candidate travelling to Belgium through our service. The contract contains the most important information regarding the employment conditions at a particular job. It is mandatory for each of the parties – both for us as the agency organizing the work in Belgium and for the candidate – to sign the contract.

In case you are ill, it is important to immediately inform both the company you work for and Link2Europe. It is best to do this before the work shift starts. In case of an early shift, you can send an e-mail or phone the office from 08.30 onwards. You need to be examined by a doctor, who will also fill out and sign a medical leave form (ziekte-attest). You have 48 hours to send us a photocopy of this document at

Contracts are prepared weekly – always for 38 hours, although you can work longer hours. This will be reflected in your payment (you will receive information about overtime in another document: payslip (loonbriefje)). Before starting your first week at work, you need to sign a contract in our office in Belgium. You will receive all the other contracts via e-mail, where you’ll find a link to signing online. In this way, you will not have to come to our office every week or check your mailbox and post letters.

The payslip (loonbriefje) includes all the information about your weekly salary, such as gross income, taxes, overtime worked, overtime payments, and any payments or deductions (e.g., for your apartment).

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