On this page you will find testimonials from people who started working in Belgium.

Michał Mirek

Polish worker @Link2Europe

I have been working as a vulcanizer/tire fitter through Link2Europe for 4 weeks in 2020. This is a seasonal job.

Housing conditions are at a very high level - I lived in a 2-person, nicely furnished room, in a temporary hostel, with a bathroom and a kitchenette. Once a week a cleaning lady came by to clean the room ☺️

The hostel also provided clean towels. Just a fairy tale.

I also remember the organizational meeting at the Link2europe headquarters in Bornem. In addition to coffee, we were also served breakfast.

Each participant also got a company thermos, a mug and a set of Belgian chocolates.

It is worth adding that the clothes and work shoes we received are of very good quality. You can see that Link2Europe gives new equipment to its employees.

In my opinion, all organizational, legal and financial issues are impeccable. Everything was discussed in detail at the organizational meeting, the first day.

I also received a briefcase with a set of documents.

The money is always on time, with each transfer I get a detailed statement of income and costs (e.g. laundry equivalent, insurance costs, etc.).

The contacts with the support coordinators are excellent in my case. In this relationship I feel like a business partner, not an difficult applicant.

@Anna Bialek, thank you very much for your cooperation so far.

In my opinion, Link2Europe is a really great agency based on a Win-Win business model where both sides win. May there be more such companies, both in the field of job placement abroad and in our beautiful country, Poland.

Best regards and thank you,

Michał Drękowski

I worked as a forklift operator/warehouseman. I only spent a few weeks and I lived in Antwerp; a nice city, especially the old market, although a bit crowded. I rate the services of the Link2europe agency as good, cooperation without any problems.

Marian Mucha

The employer, Link2europe, fulfils all their commitments. The company offers comprehensive help in the scope of administration issues, payments are on time. Accommodation organized by Link2europe is satisfactory. The workplace fully meets my expectations, we are treated as other employees.

Zbigniew Moskwa

Hello, I worked as a bus mechanic. I liked Belgium because it is an organized and normal country. I rate the services of your company very highly, for reliability, expertise and professionalism, as well as an individual approach to the client.

Dominik Hvasta

L2E is something more than a job agency. You can talk to anyone and everyone will find time for you. I feel there as a member of a large family. I will not forget the first meeting, breakfast was waiting for me and beautiful ladies greeted me. Do not be afraid of going to Belgium, because L2E will create for you very attractive working and life conditions. L2E let me forget about my previous bad experience with agencies. Keep it up! The right company in the right place, thank you very much.

Adrian Roszkowiak

Belgium – international, complicated and you have to wait – you’ll live there for some time, you’ll understand. Interesting architecture and nice home gardens. A lot of oldtimers in the streets. Link2europe agency is an employer, which thoroughly informs about employment, accommodation and salary conditions, and the vesting rights. They offer help in a wide variety of situation associated with the stay.

Bruno Pires

I decided to write this email in order to show my gratitude for your support in the whole process of integration in the labour market in Belgium. Without you I believe that I would not have been able to do it for sure, so again, thank you for your seriousness, confidence and professionalism you provided.

Ps: Special thanks to Tony who does so much for the Portuguese L2EU group. Although sometimes we feel really far from our land and family, he makes things easier for us with just a few words or just by showing up, so fine complements Tony!!

Bruno Pires -2019