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Link2Europe, exclusively focused on international recruitment.

VF Europe deploys temporary workers with success

Alain Van Peteghem and Trainer Ahmed Hassan share their experiences

Volvo Cars find their technical profiles

Volco Cars get the technical profiles they need thanks to Link2Europe

Make the link to good and reliable people

An Operations Manager testifies that he found the people he needed.

Patrycja and Sebastian

How Link2Europe helped them find the Perfect Job at VF Europe

They are employees with a highly driven work ethic

Rudy Denutte of De Rocker Logistics shares his experiences.

SanoRice foods

Operators for SanoRice

5 years at work as forklift driver thanks to Link2Europe

Forklift operator at Kronos Europe

Managing peak times in tire centers with temporary workers

How international workers help during the busiest months at De Brabandere.

Two car technicians testify

Jumpstart your career in foreign countries with Link2Europe


He works at Dubaere, a reinforcing steel factory


Tire fitters for Vulco