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Why Link2Europe?

Your Link to the European labour market

Are you looking for the right candidates? Perhaps you are unable to find these profiles in Belgium? Link2Europe will search for proficient and suitable candidates abroad. We are exclusively focused on international recruitment, with extensive experience in this domain.

What makes Link2Europe so unique? We are the only company in Belgium that exclusively searches, screens and recruits personnel abroad. From logistic and industrial workers to international engineering profiles and project managers.

With own offices and partnerships in Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine, Greece, Portugal, and Spain we are able to guarantee a consistently high-quality approach, thus allowing us to find the perfect candidate for you.


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You are looking for

Temporary staff

This service is for projects limited in time or to peak seasons. Otherwise, you may need good technical specialists, welders, mechanics, operators, drivers, order pickers and we will look for suitable candidates. Link2Europe is prepared to offer you a customised and legally sound solution.

Permanent staff

Do you need to fill vacancies for bottleneck jobs that are long-term in nature? Link2Europe initiates a country-specific search and selection procedure, while preparing candidates for relocation to Belgium.
Our support staff is ready to help all foreign employees in housing and all administrative issues. You can hire candidates immediately on your payroll or use our our temp services during the first stage.

A specialist or young potential in Europe

Link2Europe knows the European regions and the best universities where these specialists can be found. Whether you are interested in permanent recruitment or temporary contracts, both options are available. 
On top of that, Link2Europe takes care of integration, including housing for new hires. In this way, all that newcomers need to do is focus on the new work environment.

Engineers and highly skilled technicians

Does your company need to find engineers?
Link2Europe and its partners have extensive databases with highly skilled candidates. These include people with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in various fields of engineering, research, operations, etc.