Unlocking the charms of Belgium

Fun facts about Belgium for aspiring foreign workers

Discover captivating fun facts beyond chocolates and waffles, tailored to aspiring foreign workers and get enchanted by the unique aspects that make Belgium an ideal working destination.

Maximizing earnings: why tech professionals choose Belgium for a better future

Tech professionals choose Belgium for a better future

Unlock a world of opportunities in Belgium! Belgium is the ultimate destination for maximizing your earnings and advancing your career. Find out why techies from all corners of the world choose Belgium for its attractive salary packages, innovative pioneering and a strong social security network that ensures your well-being and stability.

How to start working in Europe: A comprehensive guide

How to start working in Europe

Are you looking for information about working in Europe? This article is here to guide you every step of the way! Discover a comprehensive guide on how to kickstart your professional journey on the continent. Unlock the secrets to finding employment opportunities, understanding visa requirements, and optimizing your resume for European employers. Whether you’re in logistics, engineering, IT, or any other field, this guide is a must-read for ambitious professionals like you!

How a temporary worker can contact us

How to contact Link2Europe if you are a temporary worker with questions.

As a temporary worker in Belgium, having a reliable contact for your questions is crucial. Discover how to reach out to Link2Europe for assistance and guidance. Empower yourself with the resources you need to thrive in your temporary work journey.

Women in STEM – Inspiring gender diversity

Women in STEM

Discover the progress Belgium has made in promoting gender diversity in STEM fields and the benefits of working and living in this diverse and inclusive country. Learn about successful women in STEM and the opportunities available for international talent in Belgium’s thriving research and innovation sector.

Who sets my wage?

Who sets my wage?

Wage Determination in Belgium: An In-Depth Guide Wages in Belgium are typically determined through a combination of collective bargaining agreements made in joined committees and personal negotiation. In this blog we take a look at all the parties involved and examine how these factors interact to create a fair and balanced labor market. Whether you’re […]

Why good software implementation specialists use both sides of their brain

Software Implementation Specialist at Link2Europe

A good software implementation specialist uses both sides of his or her brains. Not only do they make sure the purchased software system meets the clients’ technical needs. They also teach the clients how to use the software. Do you combine analytical thinking and your people management skills?