The order picker is a very sought-after job in Belgium 

For the last 15 years, Link2Europe has been the trusted partner for foreign talent that wants to earn a good living with Belgian companies. To celebrate 15 years of service, we’re listing the top 15 highly requested profiles.  

Earn a pretty extra penny as a well-paid order picker 

Seasons come and go and so does the extra work related to those seasons. With summertime over and one eye on the end-of-year holidays, the logistic and e-commerce sector is really picking up the pace and soon they will be looking for enthusiastic colleagues who want to work and live in Belgium. That is why the order picker is one of our highest requested profiles over the year. Wondering what it takes to be a good order picker? Read on! 

When hard work and extra pay go hand in hand 

With an increase of 14% against last year, the Belgian e-commerce market keeps growing, adding to the already established value of the logistic sector in Belgium. With Belgium being so centrally located in the middle of Europe, with its seaports, road and railway infrastructure and many IT possibilities, it’s a great location for warehouses. Belgium acts as a logistical turntable for the rest of Europe, making the need for skilled order pickers that much higher.  

Many warehouses have 2 peak seasons a year. Oktober – December (when people are buying presents for Christmas and other holidays) and March until August  (when sales are up, and the promise of Spring makes people happy). Most order pickers can benefit from these peak seasons by earning some extra money via overtime. There’s always plenty of work and those order pickers that do a good job, will have the potential to come back next season. Some are even offered a permanent placement. And don’t forget that with the current inflation, working in Belgium, where salaries are tied to the cost of living, is a great way to make sure your hard work pays off! 

Silhouette: order picker 

An order picker selects merchandise from shelves and prepares items for shipping. Pickers are found in warehouses, distribution centers and production facilities. You could be working in the food, metal or logistic sector, in a room temperature or sometimes even a cold warehouse where temperatures are kept below freezing. In that case, suitable work attire will be provided.  

A day in the life of an order picker 

You work mostly in two or three shifts a week, translating in 38-40 hours per week. Your main tasks are putting goods into stock, order picking, manual loading and unloading, preparing pallets of goods for transportation and keeping the warehouse in order. You work independently but you are part of a team. You have a high sense of safety and you respect the safety rules by always wearing your personal protective equipment.  

Your income and the most common benefits 

  • Salary range on average of €12-17 per hour 
  • Sometimes meal vouchers (depending on where you work) 
  • Holiday money 
  • End-of-year bonus 
  • Bonus for working in shifts 
  • Overtime paid at 150% 

What makes a good order picker? 

  • Experience with an electric pallet truck or experience in the business is a huge advantage. 
  • Communicative level of English  
  • Flexibility to work in shifts. 
  • An eye for tidiness. 
  • Being a team player. 
  • Logical thinking. 
  • You are in good physical health. 

Ready, set….work! 

Fancy life as an order picker and being a part of the booming e-commerce sector in Belgium? Link2Europe works with multiple logistics and e-commerce clients and over the last 15 years we’ve hired hundreds of order pickers and warehouse workers, thus we can proudly say that we are experts in the field. Since the need for skilled order pickers is so widespread in Belgium, don’t expect day contracts or job hopping. Many of our placements secured a permanent contract with residency in Belgium after the interim period ended! That’s why you can rely on Link2Europe to be your trusted partner! 

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The order picker is a very sought-after job in Belgium