Belgium needs extra car mechanics to keep things rolling smoothly

Want to make a living in Belgium? Then Link2Europe is the right partner for you! For the last 15 years, Link2Europe has recruited foreign talent for Belgian companies. To celebrate 15 years of finding a match, we’re listing the top 15 most requested profiles. Get ready to learn all about the profile of a car mechanic and what Belgium has to offer.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Belgians love their cars. Just check out one of our previous profiles, that of the tire fitter, to find out the number of cars driving around in Belgium. To keep all those cars running smoothly, the demand for skilled car mechanics is high. Therefore many Belgian garages have knocked on Link2Europe’s door to help them find the right people across borders. Could you be one to help out? Read up on the profile of a car mechanic and see if a well-paid job in Belgium might be just the thing for you!

An industry on a roll

Belgium has always been an attractive country for carmakers. Not only are there the highly skilled workers and the seaports that enable smooth distribution, but the research centers that test parts and look for new technologies are an added value. Specifically in Flanders, with its innovation network Flanders’ MAKE. This initiative offers companies and research institute the opportunity to exchange knowledge and initiate projects together. The network thus aims to increase the production and development of carmakers in Belgium.

Thanks to Belgium’s open economy, just about all foreign car brands are represented here. About 370,000 cars and 40,000 commercial vehicles, buses and coaches are assembled in Belgium every year. Making the automotive industry very significant for the Belgian economy and employment.

Silhouette: car mechanic

As a car mechanic, it is up to you to keep the cars safely going on the road. This means maintenance and repair of cars, light vans or even maybe motorcycles, depending on where you’ll find placement. Doing diagnostics using the latest software and troubleshooting once something comes up is also part of everyday life now that cars are getting more digital.

A day in the life of a car mechanic

For the most part, you’ll be working in cooperation with the other mechanics and the manager in the workshop. From time to time a visit for the technical control with a customer’s car might also be on the schedule. It’s important that you keep your work environment clean and you maintain a good knowledge of the proper tools & their requirements.

Your income and the most common benefits

  • Salary range on average of €12-15 per hour (Read our blog on inflation because in Belgium, rising prices mean rising salary!)
  • Meal vouchers and eco cheques
  • Holiday money
  • End-of-year bonus

What makes a good car mechanic?

  • Experience with car mechanics
  • Basic communicative level of English (knowledge of Dutch or French is a plus).
  • Flexibility to work on Saturdays if required.
  • An eye for tidiness.

Ready, set….work!

Fancy life as a car mechanic? Link2Europe works with multiple garages and car workshops and over the last 15 years we’ve hired hundreds of car mechanics and car body workers. Many of those placements resulted in a permanent contract with residency in Belgium after the interim period ended! That’s why you can rely on Link2Europe to be your trusted partner!

Exited, motivated, ready to earn? Send us your CV today or check out our open vacancies!

Belgium needs extra car mechanics to keep things rolling smoothly