Taking a bite out of the Belgian food industry

Become a food operator in Belgium

Link2Europe has been linking foreign talent to local businesses for the past 15 years, and we won’t be stopping any time soon. To celebrate this milestone, we are taking a look at the top 15 most frequent vacancies for which we have had to find talent overseas. Our list has seen CNC turners, car mechanics and construction workers, but today we’re taking a bite out of the profile of an operator in the food industry. So…what’s cooking?  

No doubt you’ve heard about Belgian beer and chocolate. More famous than our royal family are our love for fries, mayonnaise and waffles. Belgium prides itself with its exquisite taste and the high amount of export shows the rest of world agrees with us. But to manufacture all of this delicious food, a lot of operators are needed in the food industry, who have a heart for taste and a love for the product. Are you ready to step up and start earning a competitive wage in Belgium?  

The Belgian food industry 

Around 3,094 food players provide 68,400 direct jobs in Flanders, making for a whopping 82% of the Belgian food industry’s overall turnoverto be generated in the region of Flanders. Overall, the food industry in Belgium has an annual turnover of EUR 61.4 billion. (source: Fevia, 2021 report). Belgium also houses the world’s largest chocolate factory and warehouse, operated by Callebaut. And some of the world’s biggest names in agri-food (Danone, The Coca-Cola Company, The Kellogg Company and Yakult operate production sites, distribution centers, headquarters and R&D centers right here in little, tiny Belgium. 

Silhouette: Operator food industry 

Food processing operators, or food operators, run the equipment that processes ingredients used for manufacturing. They mostly work on the production line and they are responsible for setting up and operating the machines. As an operator in the food industry, you work according to the quality standards set by your company and you make sure that your workstation is always neat and tidy. Therefore some of the main qualifications are sufficiency and cleanliness. 

Another highly useful trait would be good stamina and strength. Sometimes, operators in the food industry are required to pick up bags of ingredients, which could weigh up to 50kg. You may also have your workstation in a hot environment so don’t worry about indulging in the Belgian confectionery, you’ll burn through those calories in no time! 

A day in the life of an operator in the food industry 

As a food operator, you supply and perform one or more tasks throughout the different stages of the food production process. Of course, these tasks differ greatly depending on where you find placement. Be it in beverage, baking, chocolate, or sweets, the production line will always come with its dedicated tasks. But there is one definite constant. You need to take food safety regulations very seriously! 

Your income and the most common benefits 

  • Salary range starting on average from €14 per hour 
  • Meal vouchers 
  • Holiday money 
  • End-of-year bonus 

What makes a good operator in the food industry 

  • You have relevant experience in the sector. 
  • You can follow a recipe. 
  • You take health, safety and hygiene legislation seriously. 
  • Communicative level of English 

  Ready, set….work! 

Fancy life as an operator in the food industry in Belgium? Enjoy a taste of the sweet life with Link2Europe as a partner. From the moment you are selected till you sign the contract of your placement, we’re there every step of the way. But even after that, our international staff are there to answer any and all of your questions. Our team is very diverse and made up of many different nationalities, many of whom took the plunge themselves to start a new life abroad. Are you ready to do the same? Check out our open vacancies and apply today! 

Taking a bite out of the Belgian food industry