Why good software implementation specialists use both sides of their brain

Software Implementation Specialist at Link2Europe

As we’re coming close to the end of the year, we’re also nearing the conclusion of our 15 professions for 15 years series, in which we take a look at the 15 most wanted profiles during our 15 years of linking foreign talent to Belgian SMEs and businesses. During these times, Link2Europe mainly focused on bottleneck professions, but as the job market changed, so did we. We’ve added global recruitment & selection to our portfolio and for today’s profile, we’re calling all software implementation specialists, looking for a permanent placement in Belgium.

We’ve been in this business for quite a while, so we’ve seen trends come and go. But if we have to pinpoint the most disruptive trend of the last decade, it’s the desperate need for highly-educated technical staff. And it’s not just Belgium’s problem. All over the world, the digitization of the way we work calls forth new wanted profiles and globalization is opening up the possibilities in whom to recruit and where to work. As Link2Europe, we bridge the gap between Belgian companies looking for white-collar workers and experienced foreign talent. That is why our next two profiles diverge from the rest of the series.

Silhouette: software implementation specialist

As an implementation specialist, you are a crucial part of an organization. You ensure that purchased software systems meet clients’ technical needs as you customize the software according to the needs and specifications. You also teach the clients how to use the software and you install customized software systems, once approved by the client.

A day in the life of a software implementation specialist

Your contribution starts when you meet with the client following the sale of a software package to collect data and other information required to customize the software systems.

You create a project plan for each client, detailing the tasks that need to be completed for the timely installation and you communicate with the client throughout the software customization process to obtain feedback and approval. That is why being a software implementation specialist lets you use both sides of your brain. The left side for analytical thinking and the right side for people management. These communicative skills will also come in handy once it’s time for the demo. It is your job to educate the client on how to use the software and demonstrate all of its features. Depending on the client, this could be a walk in the park or an uphill battle.

Your income and the most common benefits

  • Monthly wage: €2,500 – €3,500 gross (The salary is determined according to the profile. Also, keep in mind that Belgium is one of the few countries with automatic wage indexation.)
  • Group insurance: according to sector modalities.
  • A company car with a fuel card is very common in Belgium.
  • You can also expect other perks such as the latest mobile phone model + mobile phone subscription, laptop and meal vouchers.
  • Statutory 20 days leave.
  • If you work 40hrs, you get an extra 1512 days of paid leave.
  • If you need to travel internationally, a credit card will be provided to cover all related costs (transport, hotel, …)

What makes a good software implementation specialist?

  • Preferably you have relevant experience in the field.
  • A bachelor level or equivalent through experience, with a clear passion for IT, processes and data.
  • Your superhero power lies in being able to reduce complexity to maximum simplicity.
  • You can easily switch between the roles of support, trainer, functional analyst and implementer.
  • You have a good knowledge of English.

Ready, set….work!

Fancy life as a software implementation specialist in Belgium? Belgian companies are waiting to offer you all the benefits of working in Europe’s center. And there is more because with Link2Europe as your partner, you’re left unburdened. We provide you with all the necessary paperwork and upon your arrival, we’ve even got 3 months’ lodging prepared for you. After these initial 3 months, we help guide you to a permanent residence and since almost our entire team consists of foreign nationalities, we know what you’re going through, and we are there to answer any and all questions you might have. 

Are you ready to work and live in Belgium, according to a study done by the European Commission, one of the best-performing countries in the European Union in terms of innovation? Contact Sandra Pazdur, Recruitment & Selection Development Manager or send us your CV today.

Why good software implementation specialists use both sides of their brain