5 years at work as forklift driver thanks to Link2Europe

Forklift operator at Kronos Europe

Meet our temp Lukasz Ptasiński, forklift driver at KRONOS EUROPE in Ghent Lucky us, we got to disturb Lukasz on his day off for an interview. Tomorrow at five o’clock sharp his next shift starts, so today is a relaxing day for the forklift driver currently working at KRONOS EUROPE. Lukasz has been working through […]

SanoRice foods

Link2Europe recruits operators for SanoRice There is a very good chance that your delicious rice, corn or multigrain waffle is produced in Zottegem. Because that’s where SanoRice, the largest private label producer in the world, is based. Every day, some 300 employees work hard to make the best puffed waffles. Its partner Link2Europe lends a […]


Meet our temporary worker Andrzej, vulcanizer at Vulco. We spoke to Andrzej who is working as a vulcanizer, for his fourth season. The change from summer to winter tires and vice versa ensures peak activity in the tire centers twice a year. Andrzej and his colleagues work together to ensure that we can drive safely […]


Meet Mirosław Błaszczak, our temporary production worker at Somnis Bedding Somnis Bedding in Lokeren designs and produces high-quality sleeping comfort. We spoke to Miroslaw, who has been working for this family business for ten years. You can read all about his work and how he enjoys life in Belgium in this article! Hi Mirosław, how […]


Seasonal peaks? Link2Europe can provide tyre fitters you need. Driving safely on the right tyres? Vulco’s tyre centres can take care of that! The change from summer to winter tyres and vice versa ensures peak activity in these centres twice a year. Link2Europe helps them ensure that everything runs smoothly. Patrick Van Hemelrijck and his […]