Relation with your employer comparison between agency and the client


An interim agency…huh?

Moving to Belgium and starting your Belgian career with Link2Europe has many advantages. They aren’t just your average work agency but a true partner during your entire time here. However you won’t be spending much time at their offices because your workplace will be somewhere else. How does this work?

An interim agency is something very common in Belgium. It’s the ideal place if you are looking for temporary workplacement and you enjoy meeting new people. With the agency you have the luxury of being able to work at different places, for different companies, without having to fill out a ton of paperwork every time you switch. That’s because the interim agency is your actual employer. They make your contract, they pay your salary and they make sure your health insurance and other legalities are in order.

Many advantages

There are many advantages to working in interim contracts. The biggest advantage is the flexibility it brings. Many temporary contracts lead to a permanent placement and so your interim position can be viewed as a try-out. Is the position all that you’ve hoped for, then we will help you in making it a permanent one. Is the job not right for you in the long run? No worries, the flexibility of an interim position makes it so that you can switch without any long notice period. And that’s the beauty of an interim agency, there is a little bit of something for everyone!

But Link2Europe goes even further than that. They are also your partner in finding lodging and they will guide you through the extensive, and sometimes complicated, Belgian bureaucracy. As an interim agency, Link2Europe will also be able to answer all of your questions, be it work or personal related. They are your trusted companion and because they know you so well, they also know which kinds of jobs you prefer and can cater to your needs!

So if you won’t be working at the offices of the agency, where do you work? Well, you will be stationed at the offices or sites of our clients. Link2Europe has placements with their clients in many different types of industries. There’s production, techinal and engineering, logistics and transport, construction and automotive and even other jobs such as gardening. Take a look for yourself because the offers are constantly changing as new offers pop up and other ones get filled.

At the client’s company is where you will perform your labour. He won’t be your official employer but he does have to adhere to some rules. He needs to supply you with the right working attire (if needed) and give you a warm welcome. Some companies also work with the buddy system in which they assign you an experienced colleague to show you the ropes. And in turn you need to agree to a couple of groundrules. We expect you to be on time, to follow the safety precautions and to inform, both us and your place of employement, when you are ill or planning on a vacation.

To summarize, there is the interim agency, the client and you. These three make for a good carreer tripod in which each partner has his responsibilities. The interim agency takes care of all your legal matters, the client provides you with a good work enviroment and you get the best of both worlds!

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Relation with your employer comparison between agency and the client