Moving to Belgium: what to take with you

Belgium is part of the European Union which makes that the free movement of persons applies, making Belgium a very flexible place to build your temporary home. At Link2Europe we will help you in obtaining all of the required documents but what else should you bring with you?

Official documents

ID, passport, driving license and other documents like your European birth certificate (this one may be required at the city hall for your registration) are a necessity. It’s also a good idea to pack a USB stick with all of these documents digitally in case you would loose the hard copies. You can also put a copy of your CV and other certificates or permissions required to work on the USB. Better safe than sorry is a good mentality to have!

If you are coming for a temporary project you should bring your European health insurance card. Otherwise Link2Europe will sign you up to the Belgian mandatory healthcare system.

Also don’t forget some pocketmoney to keep you going until your first salary is payed out.

What to pack for the climate

Belgium is located in the heart of the European continent which gives it a very mild climate. We have moderate winters with almost no snowfall and easy summers with the occasional rain. You should pack for average temperatures but do keep an eye out for those pesky rainydays with an umbrella or raincoat.

Belgians are easy going with their sense of style. They dress up for the occasional event but during the weekend they do enjoy relaxing in loungewear.

How to get around

Belgium is small with a dense network of public transport services so getting around is usually no problem. At Link2Europe we can provide you with a (e)bike for a small fee but if you have your own, be sure to take it with you because Belgium is a true biking country.

The covid-19 situation

We might still find our daily lives affected due to the corona virus for a little while longer. Since August, 1st, all persons travelling to Belgium and who are staying at least 48 hours must fill out an identification form, the Passenger Locator Form. You can find this form here. Be sure to have it with you when you travel. A negative corona test is also mandatory if you’re travelling to Belgium for the first time. However it is not needed if you’re already a Belgian resident. In that case the government will ask you to get tested on day 1 and day 7 upon your arrival due to the information you filled out on your mandatory form.

Other usefull things

Many companies for which you will start working provide lockers but a padlock is your responsibility. If you have a spare one at home don’t forget to take it! It’s an easy way to keep your private things safe during your workhours.

A dictionary or a language app on your phone could be handy. Belgium has three official languages (Dutch, French and German), however you will find that many people are fluent in English.

Belgium uses the standard plug and socket types wich are wildly common in Europe. So if your appliances have a C, E or F type, you won’t need an adapter. The apartements of Link2Europe are also fully equipped so it’s not necessary to bring many electrical appliances other than your own personal preferences.

Soon you will make new friends, however, to battle homesickness you can pack some of your favorite things. Pictures of loved ones, books, your favorite gadgets, a flashdrive full of music and movies,…You will make new memories, but there is nothing wrong with cherishing old ones.

And last but not least…

You are about to embark on a great journey and with Link2Europe you have a trusted partner at your side so you can leave all of the stress behind! If you bring your motivation and your positive attitude, we will make sure that your time here will be a success.

Coming to Belgium to work? Great! Pack your bags with all of the essential stuff and with Link2Europe you have a trusted partner at your side so you can leave the stress behind! Any more question?

Moving to Belgium: what to take with you