Corona regulations in Belgium

Corona Regulations in Belgium since January 2022

Despite of the high vaccination rate in Belgium, the fifth COVID-19 wave caused by the new Omicron variant is taking its toll.
The Belgian Consultation Committee recently decided on introducing new testing and quarantine regulations.

New regulations in force as from 10 January 2022

Belgium has decided on new Corona regulations for testing and quarantine in case that:

  • You were in contact with somebody who was ill with corona – High risk contact.
  • Or you have corona symptoms.
  • Or you did a positive self-test.

In this PDF file you will find an easy way to check what you have to do in regard to testing, self-testing or quarantine.
If you do not fulfil any of the above conditions, you do not need to do anything.

The importance of vaccinations.

As of 6/01/2022, 76,5% of the Belgian population has been fully vaccinated.
In Flanders, 92,6% of the population older than 18 year old and 42,3% of all Belgians have received their 3rd booster vaccination (
While it is evident that the vaccination will not prevent you from getting sick, we know that in most cases it will prevent you from developing a severe illness and could prevent hospitalisation.

We encourage workers who come to Belgium to get vaccinated and/or get a booster shot for the following reasons:

  • Less chance to be forced into quarantine.
  • Less chance to have unnecessary costs (doctor, tests, medicines, hospitalisation).
  • More chance you can keep working in a safe environment.
  • The ability to continue to participate in social events, bars, restaurants etc.(covid safe pass)
  • Less chance of getting seriously ill.

If you’re not a Belgian citizen, but you live and work in Belgium for at least 3 months, and you are registered in your city of residence, you can get vaccinated in Belgium. If you have not received an invitation for vaccination, please contact your General Practitioner. COVID-19 vaccination is free of charge in Belgium.

While in Belgium, please adhere to local Covid regulations and keep yourself, your loved ones and your flatmates safe.

Corona regulations in Belgium