Lighting Designers: forward-thinking innovators that paint with light

A lighting designer paints with light - Link2Europe

We conclude our 15 professions for 15 years series with a very special profile. Not once have we, in our previous 15 years of recruiting foreign talent for Belgian bottleneck professions, come across the profile of a lighting designer. However, it’s the perfect profile to showcase what Link2Europe’s new Global Recruitment & Selection service stands for. Are you looking for permanent placement in Belgium, as a lighting designer, or do you have a profile we might be interested in? Then read on!

As it is true in other countries in Europe, so it goes for Belgium: vacancies are left open due to a lack of skilled and experienced candidates. A study by HR & payroll services provider SD Worx shows that 7 in 10 Belgian employers are not finding the right people to fill their open vacancies. Companies can then invest time and resources to teach lacking candidates these skills themselves, or, they can expand the search and look beyond their national borders with Link2Europe. 

That is how the vacancy form of lighting designer got entrusted into our capable hands. For this job, which combines architecture, aesthetics and technology, our client couldn’t find the proper technically trained candidate who also had an affinity with aesthetics and was in touch with his/her/their creative side. With our extensive list of partners, we opened up the search by launching advertisements and conducting interviews, before we presented our client with a possible match. Spoiler alert: she got the job!

Silhouette: lighting designer

Lighting Designers are forward-thinking innovators with an understanding of the role lighting plays in enhancing indoor and outdoor areas. The way a painter paints with paint, a lighting designer paints with light. They create an atmosphere where both style and function are always top of mind. 

A day in the life of a lighting designer

At the request of sales colleagues, you make lighting studies in DIALux and you plan fixtures in existing building plans in Autocad. You take into account the wishes of the customer, ergonomic aspects, legal standards, total cost and the aesthetic characteristics of a building. You look critically at existing questions and know how to formulate an answer to those questions. You clarify your plans and designs to the sales staff, so they can sell what you designed. 

Your income and the most common benefits

  • Monthly wage: €3,200 – €3,500 gross (Keep in mind that Belgium is one of the few countries with automatic wage indexation.)
  • Group insurance and meal vouchers.
  • Statutory 20 days leave.
  • You work 39hrs a week so you get an extra 6 days of paid leave.

What makes a good lighting designer?

  • You have a technical bachelor degree in electromechanics or similar. This gives you a solid technical background.
  • You have a strong interest in all aspects of light and lighting. 
  • A strong spatial insight and some sense of aesthetics are required. 
  • You are quick off the mark with new drawing programs. Knowledge of Autocad, DIALux 4 or DIALux EVO is a plus. 
  • Reading and interpreting (complex) construction plans does not scare you. 
  • You can work accurately, quickly and systematically and you have a high degree of stress resistance. 
  • You have a good knowledge of English, knowledge of French is a plus. 

Ready, set….work!

Fancy life as a lighting designer or another white-collar position in Belgium? With Link2Europe’s Global Recruitment & Selection service, you’re left unburdened. Upon arrival, your first 3 months of accommodation are provided and paid for by the employer. This gives you ample time to look for a nice place of your own and if need be, the Link2Europe team is at your every beck and call.   

Are you ready to work and live in Belgium? Contact Sandra Pazdur, Recruitment & Selection Development Manager or send us your CV today.

Lighting Designers: forward-thinking innovators that paint with light