Managing peak times in tire centers with temporary workers

Temporary workers for tire center De Brabandere

Profile Tyre Center De Brabandere has been our regular customer for more than 6 years in which we provide them with technical staff to cope with the high peak moments during the winter/summer/winter changeover. Owner Gauthier tells us why he decided to work with us back then and what the advantages are of working with […]

Two car technicians testify

Aleksander Synowiec - Volvo Cars

Discover how Wojciech and Aleksander thrive in the technically advanced environment at Volvo Cars in Gent. Listen to their experience and how Link2Europe helps them move out of their comfort zone towards great things.

Make the link to good and reliable people

Mathias Dubaere, Operations Manager getuigt

Mathias Dubaere, Operations Manager at the steel company Dubaere, explains why he relies on Link2Europe to fill in positions with foreign talent and why he continues to do so.

Patrycja and Sebastian

Link2Europe Patrycja & Sebastian

Patrycja and Sebastian’s Success Story: How Link2Europe helped them find the Perfect Job at VF Europe

They are employees with a highly driven work ethic

Managing Director Rudy Denutte van De Rocker Logistics

De Rocker Logistics specializes in cold storage and distribution of food and pharmaceutical products. Because of the scarcity in the labor market, they made the move to international talent, which is how they naturally ended up at Link2Europe. Through us they employ order pickers, loaders and unloaders and forklift drivers, and Managing Director Rudy Denutte […]