We are looking for

Handyman - Job in Belgium

What will you do

Job offer for people with EU nationality due to work permit rules in Belgium. Originally vegetables were grown under glass such as peppers and eggplants. Since 1998 the cultivation of Amaryllis was started and a few years later Convallaria, also known as Muguet or Maybellies were added. The company passed from father to son in 2007 and immediately expanded from 10 000m2 of glass to 20 000m2 with the purchase of the second location in Laarne. There too we are busy expanding the business so that we can grow all the Amaryllis on one site and thus work more sustainably and efficiently.

We are looking for 2 men with some technical skills (rather type of "I can do a bit of everything") who speak enough English to communicate with and this to replace "screen cloths" in the greenhouses. This is a work at height (2-3 meters above the ground) via a tube and rack system in the greenhouses (See photos). This work is not technically difficult but is some tinkering. Dismantling the old system, replacing cables, reattaching clips, hanging up new canvases, etc. There is also other work in the greenhouses in case it is too hot and there are always other jobs of a technical nature. In addition to 2 locations in Laarne, the company also has a location in Dendermonde, so work will also have to be done there.

What are your skills

You are very handy and not afraid to work on a few meters high.

What is your experience

No specific experience required.

What is your education level

You have some technical knowledge and are mostly a real handyman.

Language expectations

You speak communicative English.

What our client offers

Our client offers 10,22€/hour. You will be able to work between 40 and 50 hours every week. We estimate a net inome between 350€ and 450€ net.
Eu nationality ?
Max. file size: 10 MB.