Truck driver, not your average profession!

A truck driver

Did you know that Link2Europe celebrates its 15th anniversary this year? 15 years of helping Belgian companies and SMEs find the talent they need across borders. We have helped many different profiles find a great job and lodging during their professional career in Belgium, and we won’t be stopping any time soon!

A very highly requested worker in our list of 15 is the truck driver with a valid C or CE driver’s license. He takes goods from A to B and therefore keeps (e)commerce running. Let’s take a pitstop at his profile.

Booming Business

In the profile of a reachtruckdriver we already mentioned the importance of the logistic sector in Belgium. And with the boom the Corona crisis gave to online ordering, the logistic sector saw its numbers increase even further. 

There is an estimate of 64,714 trucks from local carriers driving around on Belgian roads. Take into account the many foreign trucks which drive to and traverse Belgium and you have an idea of the high demand for qualified truck drivers. To qualify as a truck driver you need to hold a C driver’s license which comes in 4 different rankings.

  • License C1: Vehicles with a maximum permitted mass of more than 3500 kg and less than 7500 kg.
  • License C1E: If you wish to hook a trailer to your vehicle with a maximum permitted mass over 750 kg. The combination of both may not exceed 12,000 kilograms.
  • License C: Vehicles with a maximum permitted mass of more than 7500 kg.
  • License CE: If you wish to hook a trailer to your vehicle with a maximum permitted mass over 750 kilos.

In addition to the right driver’s license, a driver’s qualification card – code 95 is needed. The certificate of professional competence is an addition to the driver’s license that is compulsory for all professional drivers (EU and non-EU citizens) holding a license in category groups C and D. It must be obtained in addition to the driver’s license and the holder must undergo refresher training every 5 years for its renewal. Not sure if you meet all the requirements? Contact us, and we’ll help you on your way!

Silhouette: Truck driver

A truck driver is sometimes looked upon as an outcast. But mind you it is not an easy job! It requires lots of concentration, patience, and skill. In return, you get freedom on the job and a handsome payout.

A day in the life of a truck driver

Truck drivers with a C or CE driver’s license employed through Link2Europe work on weekly contracts of 38 hours a week. You will work locally in Belgium, meaning that you will sleep at home every night although there might be exceptions from time to time. Get ready for long working days where you start early in the morning or finish late in the evening. But that doesn’t scare you because you know that working double as hard on day one, means you get to relax twice as much on day two! You’ll be on the road…a lot….and in Belgium, with its dense motorway, that means traffic jams. So you must be able to keep your cool, whether it is waiting in congestion or waiting to be unloaded at the client. Organization is key in sticking to your schedules.

Your income and the most common benefits

  • Driver loading capacity 7 – 15 ton: starting 12,4820 / hour
  • Driver loading capacity + 15 ton starting 12,9200 / hour
  • 38 hours, every hour above contract is paid at 99% (so called availability time)
  • ARAB addition to every worked hour
  • Possible additional bonuses for work at unusual times
  • Holiday money
  • Meal vouchers
  • End of the year bonus

What makes a good truck driver? 

  • Valid C or CE driving license
  • Valid driver’s qualification card – code 95
  • A couple of years of previous experience in the field
  • Communicative English is a must. Other country languages (French or Dutch) are an asset
  • EU nationality (non-European employees are welcome with a single permit, which is taken care off by the employer)

Ready, set….work!

Link2Europe is always on the lookout for experienced truck drivers. In the past 15 years, we helped many drivers find a temporary position, which, more times than not, turned into a permanent contract for many of them.

Ready for a new destination? Send us your CV today!

Truck driver, not your average profession!