The carpenter, a noble profession gets an update

Carpenters, recruited by Link2Europe

In 2022, Link2Europe celebrates its 15th anniversary, and that calls for a look at all the different profiles we’ve had the chance to recruit during these years.

For over 15 years, Link2Europe has been the trusted partner of many Belgian corporations and SME’s to be the link to foreign talent. When these companies can’t find the right profiles within the Belgian borders, we bridge the gap across the dividing lines and find, bring and support qualified workers into the Belgian labour market. International recruitment is what we do best!

To mark our anniversary, we present the 15 most wanted profiles over the years. The carpenter, whose profile is more versatile than some might think, is next in line!

Bridging two sectors, being comfortable in both

Carpentry is one of the oldest and most noble professions in the world. But the carpenter has come a long way from his old hammer and chisel. The industrial progress and automatization has broadened the profile to expand further than its original raw material wood, to aluminium and even plastics. Therefore, the carpenter, whose profile was mostly desired in woodworking, construction and upholstery, is now also a highly requested worker in many other industries.

Most activities in upholstery and woodworking can be divided in two sub-categories: textiles and woodworking. In the field of textiles we find textiles for interior applications, technical textiles, fashion textiles, textile improvement technologies (dyeing) and thread production (spinning). Under woodworking, we think of the construction of cabinets and chairs, wooden panels, wooden construction elements (for the garden), wooden packaging and other miscellaneous products such as toys, decoration and mirrors.

When we look at the carpenter in the construction industry, his role can be one of construction near the end phase (pool houses, roof, timber framing, …) or as a link in the construction chain as a fabricator of wooden or aluminium windows and doors. In whichever role he may find himself, the carpenter always has an eye for detail and loves working with his hands. 

Silhouette: carpenter

Depending on which sector the carpenter is hired in, his PC changes, but the most common one is that of upholstery and woodworking, which is 126.

A day in the life of a carpenter

Again, depending on the sector, your work week may consist of 38 hours or 40. Some carpenters work in shifts, while others have a regular day job. You could be working in an atelier full-time or go on-site at a client’s to install constructions, and in some job positions you might even do both. With the high variety in possibilities, it is important for us to know what your preferences are. In the last 15 years Link2Europe has hired dozens of carpenters for different industries in Belgium including bedding industry, furniture making, windows and doors, so be sure to tell us what your strengths and ambitions are, and we’ll find the right spot for you!

Your income and the most common benefits:

  • Salary range on average of 13-17euro per hour
  • Depending on the sector, there could be meal vouchers and eco cheques included.
  • Vocational education and several years of relevant experience as a carpenter are a plus.
  • Holiday money
  • End of year bonus
  • Bonus for working in shifts
  • Overtime paid at 150%

Successful carpenters possess these skills:

  • Reading and understanding technical plans and drawings.
  • Ability to make sketches, measure and mark distances.
  • Work safely with carpentry tools like hand saws and industrial saws.
  • Experience in using levels, planers, chisels and lathes.
  • Knowledge of different kinds of wood and their behaviour.
  • Installing or assembling elements according to the plan.
  • Accuracy: an eye for detail and quality.
  • Basic communicative level of English (knowledge of Dutch or French is a plus).

Ready, set, … work!

So, are you ready to put your hands to good use and start a new chapter in Belgium? Link2Europe will get it done! We are regularly looking for skilled carpenters, be it in short temporary contracts or even long placements where you will surely become part of the team.

Exited, motivated, good to go? Send us your CV today!

The carpenter, a noble profession gets an update