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Electrical construction site foreman (m/v/x)

What will you do

From a comprehensive analysis, to the installation and aftercare of your building technologies: at Belcotec, you can rely on us for the design and full implementation of all your HVAC and electrical installations. Our drive for innovation results in a modern approach with a focus on tomorrow. Together we want to build a smart future. More and more, our people are working in construction teams with the client, engineering firm, architect and contractor. In this way, we are involved from the design phase to the execution phase and any maintenance of a project. This proactive approach allows us to provide the right competencies to the construction team at any point in the process. During the design phase, we can call on our extensive study service and BIM department. During execution, project managers and building management systems specialists play their part. This approach results in addressing the technical bottlenecks together and devising the best solutions together. In this way, budget, quality, timing and safety are optimally guaranteed. HVAC At Belcotec we do not only install, but also repair and maintain, in short, a one-stop-shop for all your HVAC projects from 1 to 6 million euros. We perform HVAC installations on behalf of contractors, government, industry, engineering firms, finishing companies, and many more. Belcotec provides full-service HVAC installations, where optimal implementations are considered at every step of the construction process. Thus, we also offer electrical solutions for a seamless implementation in your building. Electro techniques Our project leaders provide an integrated story of all electrical techniques from the engineering phase to the execution and this for general electrical installations, access control, fire safety and integration with all possible green energy applications such as CHP, solar panels, KWO etc. Also the installation of charging stations are no stranger to us. Vacancy movie: https://www.belcotec.be/content/uploads/2021/01/FILM-4-WERFLEIDER.mp4 Company website: https://www.belcotec.be/

Belcotec is looking for construction site foremen with a strong electrical background to lead their project construction sites. They need people with experience on construction sites that have the capacities to lead and coach their team. Your responsibilities relate to financial, technical, organizational and coaching tasks. Financial: • Detecting additional work and changes (for example, if the clients asks for more than originally drawn up, the planning has to be adjusted and the client has to be contacted. • Getting work orders (assignments for subcontractors) signed off. o Check on the quality of the delivered work. o Make sure the invoices we receive are valid. • Watch over the efficiency of your own teams (subcontractors + Belcotec staff). o Make sure everyone works well. o Assign work when necessary. Technical: • Technical control in accordance with implementation. o Does everything work? o Is everything according to the electrical plan? o Are they the right cables? o Are the cables correctly connected to the electrical cabinets? • Prepare the site for your team (for example, mark outlets and lamps etc.) • Follow up on the performance and execution of the project (solve possible mistakes made). • Attend site meetings at the request of the project manager. • Follow up on the quality. o Did the subcontractors deliver qualitative work? o Did the Belcotec staff deliver qualitative work? • Respect the test procedures. o Make sure everything is ready for inspection. o Test all that is necessary before the inspection. • Detailed control of the execution of the project. • Detailed control of the functionality. Organizational: • Monitor the construction site cleanliness. • Create an equipment list (when will we need which materials?). • Monitor the equipment flow on the construction site . o Make a planning for when which materials are needed. o Order extra materials when necessary. o Safely store materials. • Monitor the tools on the construction site (for example, if subcontractors borrow something, make sure it is returned). • Create and follow up on the construction site schedule. o How many people are needed? o When will we do what? o How much time will we spend? • Monitor and report safety hazards to the project manager and the prevention advisor (for example, not enough light in the stairwell). • Direct the subcontractors. • Management of the plans and technical sheets in function of the execution of the project (each product has a manual and technical sheet that you need to keep in case the subcontractor or the client needs this). • Management of the own team on multiple construction sites (for example, related to task planning). • Communication with Belcotec and the client (site manager, project manager). Coaching: • Watch over the discipline on the construction site (punctuality, work rhythm, break time, cell phone use). • Be a role model for your colleagues. • Settle in and onboard new employees. • Take care of your team. • Bridging function between outside and inside.

What are your skills

Do you like working on construction sites? Do you have experience in a leading role? Are you an expert in electricity? Then this might be the job for you!

What is your experience

• You have at least 5 years of experience working on construction sites in a leading role. • You have an advanced electrical knowledge and are able to read electrical plans.

What is your education level

You have a technical bachelor degree in electromechanics or electricity.

Language expectations

Communicative English OR French language skills at a B2-C1 level are required for this job, this is the language you will communicate in.

What our client offers

• You work 40 hours a week. • The gross hourly starting salary is between €22 and €26, depending on your experience. • Your average monthly net salary is between €2500-€3000. • The shift hours are 6:30-14:30. • You have mealvouchers of €6/day of which you pay €1.09. • You are paid monthly. • A lot of extralegal benefits like hospitalisation insurance, group insurance, a company van and fuel card for the commute, a phone and tablet and a yearly bonus.
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