We are looking for

Electromechanical maintenance technician (m/v/x)

What will you do

Belgium GaN Foundry = BelGaN BelGaN was once a manufacturing facility for a famous IDM and its products were focused in automotive, industrial and medical applications! Now our vision is to become an automotive qualified leading GaN foundry in the world! Serving our customers in broad consumer-, industrial- and automotive- markets with innovative, high-quality and competitive GaN semiconductor technologies and manufacturing capacity, to innovate their products towards higher energy efficiency, smaller size/weight, and better cost towards a future prosperous and carbon-neutral society. Gan-Valley 50 years ago ‘Si Valley’ embraced on a journey of constant innovation towards scaling of Silicon MOS circuits (Moore’s Law) to fuel the growing societal needs for data processing and storage, fueled by data-hypertrends as personal computers, mobile phones&tablets, and more recently IoT, AI, autonomous cars etc. ‘GaN-Valley’ points to a connected ecosystem along the value chain of GaN technologies, products and electrical systems, spanning research and innovation (such as top-notch universities & RTOs), IDMs, Fabless Companies (including a growing industry of GaN start-ups & scale-ups), GaN Foundries, multi-market customers, as well as various Government Innovation instances. Whereas “Si Valley” is driven by data-hypertrends, in contrast “GaN Valley” is driven by ‘green energy’-hypertrends such as increasing electrification, sustainability and carbon-neutral, renewal energy sources (solar & wind), miniaturization (smaller/lighter) towards a green future at affordable cost. Key drivers are to make the supply and use of electrical energy more efficient (less energy waste), with higher power density (smaller/lighter) and overall cost reduction. Many industries will benefit from this, e.g. in electric mobility (eCars), server-farms, 5-6G power stations, mobile chargers, LED drivers, LIDAR sensor, high quality audio, and various electric motors (home appliances, ebikes, robotics, drones etc.), leading to smaller, lighter, lower cost and especially also more energy-efficient electronic systems leading to a green world with affordable energy. Website: https://www.belgan.com/index.php/en/home-page/ Company movie in Dutch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DojcnuNcipQ

BelGaN is looking for electromechanical technicians to perform preventive and corrective maintenance in their production area. The have 6 different divisions in their production environment, each with their own specialty. Depending on your area of expertise, you will be placed in one of these divisions. Your responsibilities relate to preventive maintenance (20-25%), corrective maintenance (70%) and project work (5-10%). Preventive maintenance: - You follow up on complex routine checklists each 3-5 pages long. - You perform mechanical maintenance, such as adjusting different components. - You perform electrical maintenance, such as measuring voltage. - You perform pneumatical maintenance. - You perform cleaning tasks, removing chemical waste from the production process. Corrective maintenance: - Resolve all malfunctions, of all natures. - Fine mechanics. - Find mistakes in the software. You do not program! Project work: - Brainstorm about possible improvements. - Identify frequent problems and try to remedy them. - You use data from the machines.

What are your skills

Are you willing to work in a clean room environment (hooded suit, gloves, safety glasses, safety shoes)? Can you work according to 5S (Sort – Set in order – Shine – Standardize – Sustain)? Are you willing to work in a pair with your technician partner?

What is your experience

You need an advanced knowledge of electricity, mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics. The specifics of each machine will be taught on the job.

What is your education level

You have a bachelor degree in electromechanics, electricity or mechatronics.

Language expectations

Communicative English language skills at a B2-C1 level are required for this job, this is the language you will communicate in.

What our client offers

- You work on average 32 hours a week in a 5-shift full continuous shift system. - The gross hourly starting salary is €18.2212. THis is indexed every year and increases due to seniority. - Your average monthly net starting salary is €2374, but is different each month based on bank holidays and shifts. - The average monthly shift bonus is +39.76% depending on the shifts. - You have mealvouchers of €8/day of which you pay €1.09. - You are paid twice a month. - A lot of extralegal benefits like hospitalisation insurance, health insurence, life insurance, phone and subscription, seniority bonus etc. - BelGaN helps you find accommodation and offers the first 2 months of rent for free. - BelGaN pays for your one-way ticket to Belgian first, and your family's afterwards.
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