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Tire fitter - Job in Belgium

What will you do

IMPORTANT: due to government restrictions, this offer is adressed to UE citiznes. We have a group of Tire centres we work for mostly around Antwerp and Brussels. Every season we get a planning from all of them, and we divide our pool of Tyre fitters to their needs. Good workers can come back every season.

Technical Proficiency: Mastering the techniques and procedures involved in tire fitting, including mounting, balancing, and aligning tires with precision and accuracy. Customer Satisfaction: Building trust and rapport with customers by delivering exceptional service, addressing their concerns, and providing knowledgeable recommendations tailored to their specific vehicle and driving habits. Efficiency and Productivity: Completing tire fitting tasks in a timely manner while maintaining high standards of quality and safety, optimizing workflow to maximize productivity. Attention to Detail: Ensuring proper tire inflation, tread depth, and overall condition, while also conducting thorough inspections for signs of damage or wear that may require repair or replacement. Team Collaboration: Collaborating effectively with other team members, such as mechanics and service advisors, to coordinate workflow, share expertise, and ensure seamless customer experiences.

What are your skills

As a tire fitter, you play a crucial role in the overall functioning of the automotive service center. Your expertise directly contributes to customer satisfaction and retention, as well as the reputation and success of the organization. By providing top-notch tire fitting services, you not only ensure the safety and performance of customers' vehicles but also help generate revenue through tire sales and associated services. Moreover, your role as a tire fitter may involve cross-training opportunities and professional development pathways, allowing you to expand your skill set and advance within the organization. Overall, your contributions as a tire fitter are integral to the success and effectiveness of the automotive service center as a whole.

What is your experience

Ideally candidates should have at least 2 seasons of experience, but someone with less experience is also welcome. IMPORTANT: client can send the candidate back home after 1 day, if he finds out lack of experience. Working environment is friendly but candidates need to be able to work in a fast pace, experience with ‘’run flat’’ tires and air pressure sensors TPMS must be mastered.

What is your education level

No specific education needed, but the positive attitude and willingness to learn is a must.

Language expectations

Communicative English is a plus, but if you speak very basic English but have skills in the field, do not hesitate to apply!

What our client offers

First 500 hours working for Link2Europe: 16.1014 €/h then +500 hours worked for Link2Europe: 17.71038€/h Most Tire fitters will in this case receive the higher wage after the first season. If they cross the 500 hours in their first season, the wage will also be increased. Estimated net salary Included in this estimation -Minimal working hours -Taxes 22.8% -Transport allowance 433€/week ( 16.1014€/h – 40h based ) 475€/week ( 17.71038€/h – 40h based )
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