We are looking for

C/CE driver - Job in Belgium

What will you do

Due to government restriction, this offer in only open to workers with an EU nationality. VRD is a family company that cares about its personnel and clients. Their needs are therefore at the heart of everything we do and play a major role in our offer. As a result, we offer our customers more than just transport and always put the happiness of our staff first. Website: www.vrd.be

You deliver to 10-15 do-it-yourself shops a day, mainly in Belgium. Your truck is loaded for you but you unload at the clients by manual or electrical transpallet. You can drive a manual and automatic gearbox and are used to work with a board computer. You are able to use the loading bridge. The first 2 days you will be in training with another driver. These days will only be paid on 7 hours/day.

What are your skills

Are you a passionate driver? Do you not shy away from some manual work? Do you like to have multiple goals per day?

What is your experience

You need at least 2 years' experience as a C/CE driver.

What is your education level

Your education is not important for this job.

Language expectations

Communicative English or French is required for this job.

What our client offers

We offer a gross salary of 14.336€/h and an ARAB-payment of 1.52€/h. You also get a meal payment of 6€/day. You would do 50 hours a week on average.
Eu nationality ?
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