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Production worker spray painting department - Job in Belgium

What will you do

Job offer for people with EU nationality due to work permit rules in Belgium. Galvanisation PAS company is pleased to be able to help shape the world of tomorrow. Ecology is held in high esteem. The Pas family has a great ecological awareness and tries to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible. Galvanizing is not only a very ecological & economical way of protecting the corrosion, it is also used in water purification, gas scrubbers, ecological forklift trucks,... A few dozen kilos of zinc are enough to protect one ton of steel from rust for an average of more than 60 years without any significant maintenance. This is important in view of the growing awareness of the need to economize on raw materials and energy. Hot-dip galvanizing therefore has an environmentally friendly effect. Website: https://www.pasnv.be/ When European Techno Steel was formed from the PAS Group, it often worked with external powder coating companies. The largest customer of ETS & PAS kept insisting on shorter delivery times, shorter lines of communication and a tighter follow-up. As a result, it soon became clear that an integrated paint shop was imminent. On September 15, 2016, the first batches were lacquered. In the meantime, Techno Coating is painting mainly for external customers and is profiling itself more as a contract paint shop. The advantages are not insignificant as many customers, who have material galvanized at PAS in Londerzeel, suddenly have it lacquered as well, so that the quality can be better monitored. In addition, there is a smaller ecological footprint and lower costs thanks to the elimination of transport. Thanks to far-reaching efficiency, there is a short lead time.

As a production worker, your day consist of hanging up and taking off materials to be painted/lacquered. You are also responsible for the packing of painted materials. This is physically demanding production work. You are therefore open to performing heavy work. In general, you are responsible for an independent, efficient product/process follow-up towards quality and its reporting by inspection plan. You properly carries out procedures and work instructions of the (ISO) management system/standards. You actively reports quality defects safety incidents and order/ cleanliness issues. a) Fastening (hanging) You inspect incoming products, attach products in a safe manner, ensure tidiness and cleanliness of workshop, and perform small maintenance. b) Finishing (taking down and polishing) You inspect incoming products, remove painted products in a safe manner, perform corrections to painted products, ensure tidiness and cleanliness of workshop, and perform small maintenance.

What are your skills

Can you work independently and in a team? Are you passionate about the metal sector? Are you not afraid to do physical work?

What is your experience

Experience in the metal sector is a bonus.

What is your education level

Education is not important for this job.

Language expectations

A communicative level of English is needed.

What our client offers

We offer a job at a nice family company with a salary that can be negotiated. There are opportunities to grow and a fixed contract is possible in the future.
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