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Bulldozer driver - Job in Belgium

What will you do

Job offer for people with EU nationality due to work permit rules in Belgium. The Op de Beeck Group has dozens of years of experience in processing various organic wastes and by-products and is the market leader in Belgium and Western Europe. Thus, your company’s organic wastes and by-products are being processed into quality raw materials that may be used for various purposes. Their alternative treatment solutions are always based on extensive experience and know-how, and backed by continuous innovation. Throughout the treatment process, the focus is on the circular reuse of the various essential building blocks that make up the waste streams, i.e. water, carbon and nutrients, along with the production of renewable energy.At our production site in Kallo, 350,000 tons of organic waste streams are processed on an annual basis. These are foodstuffs from supermarkets (products past their sell-by date), recall operations, overproductions and by-products from the food industry, by-products from the biodiesel industry, etc..., Organic waste streams collected by conventional waste processors are also very often finally processed and valorized through us. Valorization of these organic waste streams is done by producing green energy (electricity and heat) through anaerobic digestion, coupled with a unique process of complete recovery and valorization of the nutrients and water present in the waste streams. Website: https://www.groupopdebeeck.com/en/

Your tasks are mixing of the different products in the composting (loading of mixing line) and truck loading via loading line. The bulldozer is a Volvo L110.

What are your skills

Can you drive a bulldozer? Are you interested in recycling and making a difference? Contact us!

What is your experience

You need sufficient relevant experience with a bulldozer, at least a couple of months.

What is your education level

You do not need an education for this job.

Language expectations

For this job you must speak communicative English or Dutch.

What our client offers

We offer a salary baser on your experience. You work two shifts, the early shift (6:00-14:00) and the late shift (14:00-22:00).
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