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Tire fitter - Job in Belgium

What will you do

Our clients are several known tire fitting centers in the region of Flanders, in Belgium. You can take your choice between working for a bigger and renowned center or even a smaller, family owned business. For every tire changing season, they are looking for motivated staff to help them overcome their peak periods. Be a part of the flourishing business!

The tasks that you need to fulfill for this job are typical for this position, as for example, preparing a car for alignment, lifting it with a jack or car lift, assisting a tire assembler and work according to his guidelines, or installing tires and making visual controls, inspecting the condition of a tire. This means you also need to be able to repair a tire which was detached from a wheel, after you interpret the wear and tear. Because you systematically assemble and disassemble the wheel and the tire, there is a need also to disassemble the tire from the rims and place inner tubes.

What are your skills

Are you a confident tire fitter, with experience on the work floor? Can you use all the tools and machines correctly? If you have a respect for the regulations regarding safety, hygiene and environment and you constantly strive for more, then you are the person we are looking for!

What is your experience

Our clients appreciate a skilled tire fitter with a few years of experience. However, if you have a good, first relevant experience, you are also welcome! Don’t hesitate to broaden your experience with us.

What is your education level

No specific education is required.

Language expectations

A good understanding of English is needed for this job. If you speak Dutch or Polish, these are added bonuses.

What our client offers

We offer a seasonal working experience as a tire fitter, starting in mid-October, which lasts till mid-December. The estimated salary is between 400-500€ netto per week (depending on the hours and the garage you will work in).
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