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Software Implementation Specialist - Belgium / United States of America

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Our client is specialised in designing and manufacturing woven and knitted mattress fabrics and upholstery-style fabrics for beds, as well as producing zippered covers.

Preferably you have already implemented an ERP (SAP) package from A to Z. If you have linked this to Power BI, that's even better. ? We are targeting at least a bachelor level or equivalent through experience, with a clear passion for IT, processes and data. ? Your superhero power lies in being able to reduce complexity to maximum simplicity. ? You need this to be able to switch easily between the roles of support, trainer, functional analyst and implementer, and to keep a clear focus. ? You have a good knowledge of English

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We provide intensive training for about a year in Wielsbeke (Belgium). You get to know our ERP (type of SAP) package and related applications inside out. You go through the entire implementation flow, from detailed functional analysis, backlog, testing to release to end users. In addition, we expand your scope in terms of business requirements by introducing you step-by-step to the processes, systems and data, before you leave for Reidsville, North Carolina. America, here I come! Once you arrive in the United States, you integrate into the local IT team as a kind of connecting officer to Belgium. You already know the user needs quite well, have processed a series of tickets and know how to place change requests in a larger context. With this baggage, you start working in a people- and result-oriented way. Your desk chair may literally be the link between the software and the business processes, but very often your chair is also empty in order to verify in production how people, machines and software are synchronised. Occasionally, you will find yourself in need of training and coaching of the users; other times, an issue requires system adjustments or interventions in data CONDITIONS: Belgium: ? Monthly wage: €2,500 - €3,500 gross (depending on profile) ? Group insurance: according to sector modalities (1% employer's contribution on gross monthly salary) ? Car: yes ? Fuel card: Yes ? Other: iPhone SE + mobile phone subscription, laptop, meal vouchers of € 4.45 (statutory employee contributions = € 1.09) ? Statutory 20 days' leave + 15 days' paid catch-up rest due to reduction in working hours management. For international travel, a credit card will be provided and all related costs (transport, hotel, measures, ...) will be borne by the company ? Housing - Everything has to be considered within the candidate's own situation (travelling alone or with family) and is always in consultation, but we can provide a solution via air B&B for that year. USA: ? Monthly salary: Gross to be converted into dollars. This is converted to an annual salary. ? Inflation and currency adjustments are taken into account on an annual basis with the start date in America as reference. ? Policy for reimbursement of all medical expenses, including repatriation if necessary. ? Two round trip tickets per year to home country to spend the holidays. ? Living is budgeted at $1,200.00 per month for a type 2-bedroom flat. For that price, one can stay where another colleague also lived during his stay in America (Greensboro): https://www.bridfordlakeapartments.com/ . ? For the furnishing of the flat a budget of $ 7,000.00 is foreseen. Perhaps there are also some nice prototype chairs and beds available in the firm that can be used. The intention is to buy what is needed, to live comfortably and to really come home. ? Car with fuel card at the company (to be seen on the spot). The overseas social security can be used for a maximum of 5 years. After that a choice has to be made between transferring to the American system according to all modalities applicable in GTA USA or returning to Belgium. In case you choose for GTA USA, your salary will probably be higher, but you will have to apply for social security according to American standards and you will have to provide yourself with a place to live and a car. When returning to Belgium, an equivalent job will be provided and the salary package will be determined on the basis of a benchmark with the labour market at that time.
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