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Orderpicker/warehouse worker - Jobs in Belgium

What will you do

The job offer is only open to people with EU nationality due to government restrictions. *** Please make sure to inform your candidates that they must drive from Antwerpen to Tessenderlo 50km. they should agree on the driving distance before arriving in Belgium***

out too soon. The operation will be a standard logistic warehouse environment. This will be a cold warehouse, split into 2 parts: •1 = 0/4 degrees Celsius Candidates will be working on Tessenderlo sides of the warehouse during 1 shift, depending on what their picking order requires them to take out of the shelf. 70% of this team will be mainly working as Orderpicker, the other 30% will have a more all-round function like Sorter – Loader – Stock - Quality. Packages weigh between 6 and 25kg, so we welcome both men and women to the job at the age of 18. Tasks are: •Manual loading and unloading •Sorting of goods in the warehouse •Picking of goods and preparing pallets of goods for the end client •Picking is 100% witch voicepicking system. Training will be done prior to the start-up. No experience is needed. •RF scanning system •Working with an electric pallet truck. No experience is needed. You work in a safe manner and can work according to procedures. You report to a team coach and communicate with leadership and the administration to make sure all goods are picked carefully.

What are your skills

Work experienceAll round warehouse worker or orderpicking, sorting/loading. People who are willing to learn the job or have the first experience can also be presented. Experience with an electric pallet truck is a huge plus. If you have people with experience with this and/or a certificate, please let us know when you present the candidates. They will be put in the jobs where this is needed. ***LanguageMinimum ENG A2*** **** Drivers license is a MUST **** Christmas HolidayAsk people if they are willing to work a part or the whole Christmas holiday in Belgium. The company will be open and in peak season during the Christmas holiday, so we need a part of the new staff to be willing to work in the holiday season.

What is your experience

What is your education level

Language expectations

***A2 English level***

What our client offers

Regular hours per week hours38h/week PaycheckWeekly Gross salary***13.0850 €/h*** Estimated net salary Included in this estimation -Minimal working hours -Meal vouchers -Shifts allowance -Taxes 22.8% -Transport allowance345€/week ( day shift) 415€/week ( early-late shift) 435€/week ( night shift) Meal vouchers8€/worked day – from day 1 on the job Shift hours6 different starting hours in several shifts: 5am – 10am- 1pm – 6pm – 8pm - 9pm. The operation runs from 10 pm Sunday to 6 pm Saturday the next week. Shift allowance+7.5% ( early/late shift) +12.5% ( night shift ) +100% on Bank holidays and Sundays OvertimePotentially in the first months of start-up a lot. In normal circumstances there will be options to perform overtime. How is overtime paid?Normal overtime: 150% on the Gross Salary with normal taxes withheld. Relance overtime: 100% Nett paid if candidates sign up by their own will, they will be able to perform the first 120 hours/year of overtime in 2021 and 2022 as relance overtime. These overtime hours are paid as a net wage and no taxes will be deducted from the Gross Salary. Example 10€ Gross – will be paid as 10€ net for those 120 hours of overtime. WeekendsYes there will be work during weekends. The operation runs from 10 pm Sunday evening to Saturday 6 pm. Candidates need to be willing to work during the weekend. ********************* Public Transport Possible?No Driver’s license and car required?Driving license B required Rent of L2E housing (2-person bedroom)85€ for a double room, 130€ for single room, please confirm with us first ** if it's available ** otherwise must be DOUBLE BEDROOM Rent of L2E car ( if available)10€/day Other mobility solutions Available for different price ranges Medical insurance8.75€/month
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