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Teamleader - Job in Belgium

What will you do

Due to government restriction, this offer in only open to workers with an EU nationality. Originally vegetables were grown under glass such as peppers and eggplants. Since 1998 the cultivation of Amaryllis was started and a few years later Convallaria, also known as Muguet or Maybellies were added. The company passed from father to son in 2007 and immediately expanded from 10 000m2 of glass to 20 000m2 with the purchase of the second location in Laarne. There too we are busy expanding the business so that we can grow all the Amaryllis on one site and thus work more sustainably and efficiently. Website: http://www.johanverbeeck.com/

For this job, you would manage a team of greenhouse employees. Tasks include executing and following up the production planning, carrying out tasks related to the cultivation process, preparing products for shipment.

What are your skills

Do you have a pro-active and result-oriented approach? Can you can work well independently but also manage a team? We are looking for someone enthusiastic, involved, eager to learn and with a flexible attitude with a good technical insight.

What is your experience

A good experience is needed, with good technical skills.

What is your education level

Education is not important for this job opening.

Language expectations

You must speak a good level of English or French for this position.

What our client offers

We offer a netto salary of 2000€/month in the first 3 months, after that 2500€/month netto, because you receive a fixed contract. Added to the offer, you benefit from a company car and a company phone.
Eu nationality ?
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