We are looking for

Groomer - Job in Belgium

What will you do

The original farm will move from Herent were they have 8-10 horses to a bigger location in Puurs Sint-Amands where they will take care of 30-40 Horses. The activities are a combination of taking care of horses from other people, breeding horses, training horses and using horses for therapy with youngsters. Website : https://www.dpcbelgium.be/equi-coaching/

We are looking for somebody with experience working in a farm (not necessarily with horses). It is important they can work with farm material (Small bulldozer, tractor, excavator) or can learn quickly. Task will be general maintenance of the farm, cleaning out stables, taking care of animals, putting them in and out of the stables, feeding. Also it can be possible that the person joins the horses and owners for contests in Belgium or Europe. The job will be fulltime and also sometimes during weekends.

What are your skills

Are you someone who learns quickly and has good stamina and strength? Do you have a native love for animals? Do you feel comfortable to travel for work? Then you might be the person we are looking for.

What is your experience

We need someone with previous experience in farming industry, preferably with horses.

What is your education level

No special education needed.

Language expectations

Must speak a communicative level of English or French.

What our client offers

We offer a long term employment with a payment that will be correct according to the number of hours. Overtime is paid 150%. Meal vouchers for 5 euros per day.
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