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Production worker galvanasation - Job in Belgium

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Galvanisation PAS company is pleased to be able to help shape the world of tomorrow. Ecology is held in high esteem. The Pas family has a great ecological awareness and tries to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible. Galvanizing is not only a very ecological & economical way of protecting the corrosion, it is also used in water purification, gas scrubbers, ecological forklift trucks,... A few dozen kilos of zinc are enough to protect one ton of steel from rust for an average of more than 60 years without any significant maintenance. This is important in view of the growing awareness of the need to economize on raw materials and energy. Hot-dip galvanizing therefore has an environmentally friendly effect.

As a production worker, your day consists of hanging and taking down the metal materials, stacking materials, performing treatments... This is physically demanding production work. You are therefore open to performing heavy work. You job consists out of to parts: Part 1: Fastening (hanging) Tying in involves attaching the material to be galvanized or "blacked out" to the gantry. This is done by means of special suspension and tying tools such as steel wire, hooks or chains. Part 2: Finishing (taking down and polishing) After the pieces have been galvanized and possibly cooled, they are detached. The steel wires with which the pieces were fastened are collected and transported to a scrap dealer. The tying material that is used several times must be dezincified each time. The mechanical operations (sanding, filing e.g. filing away drops of zinc,...) necessary to bring the galvanized material into line with the appearance requirements of the prevailing standard are known as "polishing".

What are your skills

You do not need any specific training or working experience, just the motivation and willingness to learn and work.

What is your experience

What is your education level

No specific education required.

Language expectations

You have a communicative knowledge of English.

What our client offers

Long term contract. Estimated weekly net salary: 420€ (without housing costs), shift allowance – Early and late shift +10%
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