We are looking for

Bulldozer driver - relocation to Belgium

What will you do

The Op de Beeck Group has dozens of years of experience in processing various organic wastes and by-products. Thus, company’s organic wastes and by-products are being processed into quality raw materials that may be used for various purposes. https://www.groupopdebeeck.com/en/

Op De Beeck is looking for a motivated bulldozer driver. You will responsible for mixing different products into compost waste and loading trucks via the loading line with your bulldozer. Op De Beeck is a recycling company, this means sometimes you will be confronted with a smell while working, but when working there for several weeks, you get used to it and don't smell it anymore. This also depends on the type of waste the company needs to recycle on a certain moment.

What are your skills

You are a safe driver and have at least a few months of experience in driving a bulldozer in any industry. Or you are a senior bulldozer driver, they welcome you also.

What is your experience

Driving a bulldozer in the past 2 years.

What is your education level

No education/certification needed, only experience in bulldozer driving is enough.

Language expectations

You can communicate in 1 of these languages. You are willing to learn Dutch if you go for a long term contract. English or Polish or French

What our client offers

Op De Beeck offers you a long term job, with potential for a fix contract. You will start working as a temporary employee, but if you and the client like working together, then there will be an option to get a fix contract with them. So if you want to have stability and a long term job, then Op De Beeck is your kind of company. Gross Salary between 13€ and 16€ per hour, depending on your experience. Netto this will be between 420€ and 450€ per week + 1 mealvoucher of 8€/worked day. 38 hour weeks - Overtime is possible, but not weekly - Shift work ( no shift allowance ) - mealvouchers 8€/day - Option for a fix contract - Optional by choice to work on Saturday an additional day, every 2 weeks. Via Link2Europe you can rent housing and car/bike/scooter/step if you need this.
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